Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I am sitting at a cafe in Larnaca Airport which has been sealed off by placing chairs at the entrance, at 3am... doing my blip!
It has been non-stop from the time my eyes opened, and as the flight is several hours delayed to the early hours of the following morning, they won't be closing again any time soon! [Well, maybe in another 2 hours if I'm lucky.]
Blipfoto sent an email to remind me it is my 4th blip anniversary, so I began to think of what I could do "special". Unfortunately time hasn't permitted to do anything with the number 4, so here you have four very quickly taken pictures of wild flowers which I came upon by chance, and are relatively blip-worthy!
I was actually trying to get a decent picture of the winding road which I LOVE... That was supposed to be my blip with 4 wind-towers in the background. The road actually goes past an Olympic Shooting range and finally on to the highway. It has wide open plains on either side, which is where they plan to build a PGA Golf course, but don't hold your breath. We've been waiting since 2009!
With the help of two very proficient and helpful builders, we have been able to leave behind two beautifully furnished apartments that can be lived in when their owners visit in the summer. Job done. It has been a bit of a marathon, and I am amazed G has said she would do it again (I wasn't sure myself), but we have certainly learnt a lot and met some fantastic people along the way (as you do).
And so it is with blipping as well! Four years of recording things happening in my life, but more importantly, forcing me to pick up my camera to try to capture an interesting image to sum up the day... or just an interesting image. Off late, it has been to record the project G & I have been working on so we know to do things better should we ever do it again. I'd love to show the finished product but it may constitute breach of something or the other.
So, thank you all my blip buddies for visiting me everyday and encouraging me along in my photography journey. I am sorry I have not been a very good blipmate these last few days. I have a weekend to get ready for a new job, and 13 emails to read before I do that!! Best get on...
The other things of note that G & I did today was go to Jumbo (a great store here), lunch at a small taverna in Mineou, and Tamala again for dinner - at 10:40pm!!! The owner gave us a drink of our choice each on the house. How cool is that? I have to say - Cyprus is a fantastic place and we have been at the receiving end of much kindness and generosity and great customer service from most people.

Can't wait to visit again... :D

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