The Best Saved For Last

Late last night before bed I placed an order with Argos and this morning before breakfast it was delivered!  Wow!  I never realized their delivery service was so good!!  Thankfully it came before my morning coffee time because it was my new Nespresso machine!  I have been learning how to use it today, but I must be careful not to drink too many coffees in one day!  If I need any help figuring out how to use it I'll need to call on my neighbour, George, to help me!  

It was very stormy today with rain and wind. But finally just before sunset the clouds almost disappeared and we were treated to a terrific clear and pink sky.  Dolly and I caught the tail end of it as we went on a very short walk. It's still bitterly cold for April!  Dolly was eager to have as short a walk as possible!!

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