In the Butterfly House

I had to laugh this morning when Miss E came in to say there was no Weetabix for her breakfast. 
Or bread for toast. Or crumpets. Or honey for her yoghurt and honey. Or any of her muesli bars. Or even a banana.
That's OK, I said, I'll come and make pancakes.
No bloody eggs!!! 
Pretty much the only foodstuff in the house was porridge and she doesn't like porridge!!
It was only 9.30am so she had to wait for Tescos to open!
I went and did a big food shop and now thankfully the cupboards are full again.
And we had pancakes for lunch!! Smothered with Nutella, strawberries, honey, syrup, lemon, sugar and raspberries in various combinations. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
After our healthy lunch we headed over to Blenheim for the afternoon. We got lost in the maze, dug in the sandpit - barefoot!, climbed in the adventure playground, drank tea, hunted for butterflies and dodged kamikaze zebra finches in the butterfly house, chased pheasants, and generally swhooshed around (see extras).
Give or take a few cross words and tears it was a lovely afternoon.
Home via the Co-Op for Weetabix (which I forgot to get in Tescos), a proper Sunday dinner of beans on toast and now hot chocolate and Downton Abbey.

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