a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Abstract Thursday: 90 Degree Angles

Taking onboard youoregon1's suggestion, here is a photo focusing on the possibilities inherent in right angles.  When I actually got down to it, there were so many potential ideas I'm not sure why this idea did not occur to me before. 

I played with a few versions of this shot, but this level of depth of field was the one that appealed the most.

Like last week's shot, this is straight out of the camera (with a very slight crop). No messing around with creative filters again this week.  

Sometimes it really helps to have someone else suggest a key to a creative lock, and on reflection that is of course what I so enjoy about challenges such as the themed MonoMonday.  Of course there are times when those challenges seem so hard that it is difficult  to think of way in which to approach the task in anything other than the most obvious of fashions.  But it is so rewarding if you do have a good idea.

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