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The best fun

Feeling very sore and battered after yesterday's accident, I opted to sleep through the dawn shoot and then to "do my own thing" when the others went out after breakfast. They were off to photograph olive groves and wild flowers. I knew I could not manage the tripod. I wasn't sure I could manage the camera.

I popped the  50mm lens on and set off to wander through Apollonia. My footsteps took me gradually to the place where Cartier Bresson took that world famous photograph. The motorbike (see extra from 7th ) was still there, but I was able to find the owner. She runs the bar in the building on the left of the image.

I had a cool drink and she moved the bike. Then her friend arrived and was delighted to run up and down the street while I attempted to reacreate that decisive moment!

We had a great time.  I know that her position is not quite the same as in the original, but I love the exhuberance it conveys.

In the extras you can see an elderly woman who appeared later and just happened to hold her arm to one side.

We had lunch at the port and boarded our ferry for the 5 hour trip. Peter provided a critique session for us all in the lounge, much to the besmusment of a few other passengers.

It was very busy at Piraeus. John and I were going to take a taxi to the Metro. As I expected the taxi driver was not amused because it was a very short journey. After a lot of huffing and puffing, he offered to take us all the way to Athens for 15 euros. We could not refuse the offer. Phew.

My hotel gave me a room upgrade and I enjoyed a late meal there.

Sad it is all coming to an end, but there is a day in Athens to look forward to tomorrow.

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