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I thought you might like a break from bugs today. And if I’m totally honest, I needed a bit of a break myself - it took me until well into this afternoon to finish processing my shots from yesterday, establishing identifications, and posting everything to iRecord. So when I finally got out with the camera I only photographed a handful of bugs for recording purposes, and otherwise concentrated on flowers of various kinds. These are the buds on my lilac ‘Charles Joly’, which look as though they’ll shortly be popping.

The single best thing that happened today has been a flying visit from Child Two, who popped down from Leeds to see his Ageds in advance of his birthday this coming weekend. He has to go back up north tomorrow, but R and I took him out for a meal this evening and grilled him ruthlessly about his life and loves (with me, I’m sure I need hardly tell you, being Good Cop), and were broadly satisfied with his responses. I expect he’ll be relieved to lock himself into his car in the morning and escape from the interrogation.

I’ve also had to finalise my Tiny Tuesday results today, and frankly it’s been a nightmare. I don’t know how to stop you all from giving me such a hard time - couldn’t you just have saved your good shots for WWombat next month? I’ve been back and forth umpteen times, and in the end I had to get really, really picky to narrow down to my final selections; so if I haven’t listed yours, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t like it - it’s just that having three dozen favourites was impractical.

In the order they come off the tag search, my hearts this week go to:


And my Honourable Mentions go to:


Despite the moaning, I do hope you’ll all play again next week. And if you disagree with any of my choices and think you might like to have a go at picking your own favourites, why not have a word with WWombat about hosting - I’m sure she’d be delighted to hear from you.

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