Leaves a-go-go

The leaves are budding on the Japanese Maple at the moment, and looked so pretty this morning, I had to take a 'few' photos before leaving the flat.  

Went to a really interesting workshop with my colleague Suzanne this morning for a reporting software I'm looking at investing in for work.  It was over near the Tate Modern, and it started to rain as we came out, so after saying goodbye to Suzanne, I took shelter in the Tate.  I was hoping to have a quick look in the Turbine Hall, but hadn't realised that it was in between exhibitions and therefore closed for a couple of months.  I headed back out, but the rain was torrential, so I waited just inside the entrance with lots of others (see the extra).

Eventually headed out into the - slightly less torrential - rain, and walked over the Millennium bridge and back to work for the afternoon.  We downed tools just after 5pm this evening, and had a drink.  Everyone else was heading on to the pub after, but I left them to it and headed home to Tim instead.  He met me at the station and we went to Khan's for a lovely dinner - then came home and watched another episode of Deutschland 83.  Lovely day and evening :)

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