Mono Monday - The Environment

The environment we generally live in is ground based, but this soon-to-open skywalk through the tree canopy of the national arboretum at Westonbirt will give us a new perspective...

You can get a feel for it's height from the fellow in the monochrome hi-vis on the road below. At only 300m it seems a little short for all the work that's gone into building it, but I'm sure it'll be a fun new way to access Silk Wood.

Trees are an intrinsic part of our environment, cleaning the air we breathe, fuelling our fires and providing fruits and nuts to eat. Not to mention the other-than-human life they sustain. Perhaps that's why it always seems such a disgrace when we fell trees for no better reason than profit. HS2, for example, will cut through 34 ancient woodlands, and damage a further 29, in order to save a few minutes journey time.

Our environment is continually under threat, in the main by our propensity to breed beyond sustainable levels (not unique but certainly rare in non-human societies). Trees are being hit by diseases brought in by tourist plant-seekers and global merchandising, and one day we might notice our environment has changed, forever.

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