Being environmentally friendly - or not.

The theme for Mono Monday today is "The Environment"   in recognition of the fact that this Friday is  " Earth Day. "  Thanks to Davidc for hosting Mono Monday this month.

I decided to blip my strong shopping bags - there are 5 bags inside the outer one.  I take them all to Morrisons when I do the weekly shop.  Even before the 5p charge for plastic carrier bags I used to take my own bags.  I own many shopping bags so have plenty to choose from. Its better for the environment if the use of plastic carrier bags is reduced so I am doing my bit.

The bags were to be my blip but I noticed something on my way out this evening which I wanted to add.  The bottom image is the drain at the top of my Close.  Some joker has recently put some plaster or concrete down the drain.  Not a very environmentally friendly thing to do.  Can't understand why anyone would think this was the proper thing to do with left over plaster/cement .... " Oh I will just chuck this down the drain ".  Naughty!.

Had the usual Monday - down to the village early afternoon for shopping and then down again later for slimming club.  Put 1½ pounds on this week.  Bit disappointed as I thought I had been  good  last week.  Oh well - just have to stick with it.

Neil was here all day as he had the day off.  He asked me to wash some of his stuff.  So I did.  Then he found more washing - his uniform shirts - in another backpack.  So another load of washing went on.  Luckily the weather was dry and windy so everything was hung outdoors on the line.  And it all got dried in time for him to take it with him when he went home this evening.  He has eaten steak - twice, and tortellini, a cheeseburger in a bun, onion rings, chips and dauphinouise potatoes.  He also had a few bars of chocolate and a pack of Pringles.  I think he went home with a full tummy.

Steps today - 10,017

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