What a day!  

Warm, sunshine and an extraordinary amount of blue sky.

Even though Little Dog sulked on the stairs as I left, I set off for my reservoir ride.  I stopped in my tracks when I saw this reflection.  There's usually a gale blowing across here.  And waves.  The grey wagtail on the tower just added to my joy of being outdoors.

CJ seemed to have forgiven my sins by the time I'd got home and we went out for a ball throw and a wander.  It was about her but I did spot two buzzards falling out of the sky from a great height (perhaps in some kind of mating dance?), two kestrels nesting in an owl box and a jackdaw heading into a hole in a tree trunk to feed its chicks.

That was on top of the little bat flying around in the daylight.  Oh, yes, I smiled!

Now for some work.

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