Enjoying the warm sunshine

I couldn't resist taking a camera out to the patio this afternoon after I hung out some washing. I had been watering some plants in pots and noticed this insect.  I went to get a macro lens and then stood around trying to catch it in flight, which was very tricky considering how fast it moved seemingly in random directions. It did seem to know I was there and kept coming and looking at the lens, so it might have been attracted by its reflection.

I took quite a few pictures and ended up having to manually focus for most of them which was quite testing.  I'm not sure what its name is and have a feeling it is a type of hoverfly. [Update:  AJC has kindly identified it as an Eristalis pertinax (Tapered Dronefly).] I have added a couple of other close up views in the 'Extra photos'. I thought this might do as a submission to today's Tiny Tuesday challenge.

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