Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


today I beheld
a vision of great beauty –
orange pink purple

A bit tired today, but my spirits were lifted this morning when this greeted me through the dining room window. I hadn't seen such a beautiful start to the day in a long while. The colours were stunning (I only added a tiny bit of contrast, but no saturation!).

Tonight, we're meeting Joe. I'll be happy to see him again after more than two years, and Julie will meet him for the first time, as she wasn't with me on either of the occasions when I saw him. We're going to eat in a place we love but haven't been to in a while. Should be fun. The conversation topics are so diverse with him!

Next week, I'll arrange to meet Mike and her husband. They're in Paris for a fortnight...

By the way, this is worth a look large, and a look through here too, with the latest in the ongoing "dog" series...

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