Beautiful Discovery Bay

Yay, it's nearly the weekend and I'm looking forward to it, after a somewhat busy week.

Martin has one more week left with the Peninsula and although this week was challenging for him, he's been spending a lot of time with colleagues who have really valued him.

Ben and all Y13, from other schools as well, apparently stayed up all night and apparently made quite a raucous in town, some of them even featured in today's newspapers. I was thankful that Ben wasn't in any pics! Nothing too untoward but I'm glad they all were together and have memories of their last day of school.

The Dubai girls took me out to dinner today, it's been a while since we've got together and we had a lovely time in Soho. Brenda is in town for a week and it was good to catch up with all that's happening in her life.

I am feeling quite loved and appreciated at the moment by my friends who've been very encouraging and caring, I am truly blessed :).

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