Shakespeare 400 challenge

Thanks to Hildasrose for setting this; she wants a poster or programme cover to celebrate the Bard’s big birthday.  

I make no apologies for repeating this poem which I wrote a couple of years ago.  (OK, I do - I couldn’t think of a new one).

Act 1
If Shakespeare was a cowboy
He’d never ride the Sage
He’d be too busy writing
For the Deadwood stage   

“The pen is mightier than the gun”
He’d say to outlaw bands -
“A rose by any other name”
- and they’d put up their hands

He wrote many plays
In those far off days
I can offer you four 
- though I know there are more

A Midsummer Nights Rustling
Two Gunmen of Sedona
Jesse James parts I and II
And the Merchant of Oklahoma

Act 2
But the one that was his favourite
I’ll gladly lay a bet
Is a tale of rope-crossed lovers
- Rodeo and Lariat

Now he sits outside the Last Chance
With his trusty pard
Folks tip their hat when they ride by
And shout out - ‘howdy Bard’

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