Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Scattered light

This morning I went to the hairdresser and after I came out decided to visit the little church a hundred metres or so up the road.  It's extremely pretty and has recently had some wonderful work done on its roof, so although I blipped it at Christmas I thought I'd have another gawp.

While there, admiring the sun pouring through the windows, I discovered a new (and to me) interesting way of scattering light, so of course this had to be my blip for today.  I think it's a trick I will want to use again when I've thought it through.  However, if you think it's rubbish please tell me now and I'll save myself the trouble ;o)

Hope your Saturday was fab.  Now I shall go and raise a large glass cup of tea to Shakespeare.  Talk in a bit  xx

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