Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Dolly The Hero

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting!

Today something amazing happened! First of all, there was lots of coming and going at home because we are getting the very final finished touches to the new kitchen, several months late. But finally. In addition to that, our gardener came to cut the grass.

So Mum and the gardener were standing talking in the front garden and I was there too, lounging in the rare sunshine. When suddenly!! A CAT appeared! And you won't believe it - carrying a baby bunny rabbit by the scruff of its neck!! Still very much alive!

Well, I was having NONE of that! Not in MY front garden! I may be an old lady, but I was OFF!! Chasing down that cat and telling it off! The cat ran under our car and had to let go of the bunny to do so. Then I said "Run! Run! Run for your life!" And she did. She went to hide in the hedge. The cat went the other way.

I was very happy to save the bunny's life. I just hope she found her mum! The rabbits live near the railway line, and there are houses and gardens between here and there. We tried to rescue the bunny and take her back to where they all live but she ran away, even from us. I HOPE she's OK!

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