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By Hollowspy

Expensive Cigarette Lighter

What a day!

Most importantly, we said goodbye to the Y6's at school today - an emotional affair to say the least. Really going to miss those guys, been teaching them for three years and have grown very close to them indeed. It was great just after school, when they were no longer in my class, they met up with their parents outside the building and the girls ran back to hug me goodbye - got a bit choked. Two minutes earlier and I'd have been breaking all sorts of guidelines :-\

We also had an Olympic torchbearer visit school today, as if you couldn't guess from the photo!!!! She took it through Bakewell the other week and loads of the kids went to see her. She contacted the school herself and asked if she could share her experience with the children - how lovely is that? :) I took a photo of every child holding it - a great memento for them. I am not exactly a fan of the Olympics: the whole trying to the best in the world thing I respect, those athletes are dedicated and truly amazing. It's the corporate side of things that sours it immensely for me. Too much money involved, too much corruption, too much control and too many rich people getting richer as a consequence of the Games. However, the shiny thing was hard not to stare at in wonder and I couldn't resist a hold.

I told her that I had seen her on Blip, and she knew the photo and wanted a copy. I went upstairs and printed a couple off for her, but she left before I got back to her :(

After school it was off to a BBQ with some colleagues of Mrs H. I realised that the same event last year was my first ever Blip, as I saw this little lady tonight. If it hadn't been for some health-related issues, my 365 would have been today, or tomorrow.....this leap year thing confuses me. Think I'll be on holiday when it comes round down in Cornwall.

So, six weeks off and lots to do. Say what you like about us teachers, but most parents realise that after a few weeks with just two of their own kids that we really earn our wage looking after a whole class full of 'em every day and we deserve a rest [...lights blue touch paper and retreats with a grin.......]. Six weeks with my two is just what the doctor ordered.

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