Moving gently
in the breezy day,
hardly ever still
Looking pretty
in the warm sunny spells
and in the cloud and rain
of a late April day

Work, weigh in and home (I didn't stay to the class because I'm still not 100%).  Lost another 2lb though which I'm really pleased about :)

Apologies for lack of commenting during the week.  Work is incredibly busy these days, and I barely have time to do my own work, as I'm still Acting Manager.  I am trying to spend time away from the computer in the evenings, and have reluctantly decided that I need to turn it off an hour before I go to bed, so that I will sleep better...  It worked last night, will be hard to keep it up though.

Happy Monday folks :)

(I've just had to retype all this, because my blip disappeared just before I pressed the publish button).

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