Test drive

Benedict's new tunnel arrived from China today. He launched straight in seemingly enjoying the crinkling sound (bet I don't at 3am!), and fired himself at speed in and out all 4 holes (the 2 portholes and 1 at either end).

My colleagues and I got as much fun from the packing label, with the catchy by-line of "SO amazing".


The little pope has worn himself out playing with his new tunnel. He's filed himself in a rectangular woven storage container under the coffee table. Apparently it's his new sleeping spot.

Hopefully he doesn't find a second wind anytime soon.

Back in the world of work, something I expected to tackle and complete in a couple of hours took my nearly 3 times as long. But something else I expected to take several days of problem solving, took about half an hour. More wins, yay!

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