Meet the Neighbours

Well, you've got to walk 5 minutes to see them so they're not immediate neighbours. I'll still claim them as neighbours.

They're an attractive flock and I was pleased to see them feeding within camera range on the road side of the paddock.

Today has had it's stresses but as I biked towards home with a tail wind (mostly), it was pretty good. I've wasted invested a lot of time since getting home mucking around in the garage. Ron and Barry did a sterling job of putting up some shelves and various other fittings. What a pair of troopers. 

There next job is cleaning the gutters on Monday, then they return Saturday week to do some things inside, and a few more things in the garage.

My old garage had a walk in cupboard at the end of it and I had the loft in the house. I think it's time to go through garage stuff with my mantra "Do I need it?", "Why do I have it?".

That should sharpen my perspective.

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