Leave your mark

I biked home through town today all in the interests of coffee. It doesn't matter that Oddfellows cafe with the Hummingbird roastery attached is close to work, C4 coffee is my poison so through town it is.

Not that I enjoy biking anywhere near the CBD. Still, there's lots to look at, which probably isn't a good combination with biking or driving. I stopped a couple of times to get my bearings, and look around. There certainly are buildings going up, and some look interesting. It very much depends on where you in town. Some parts are desolate, while others are transforming into a modern new city.

This is on Tuam St near the intersection with Manchester St. I think it's part of once was Sol Square. And I think the bare foreground is where the old city council building was.

Either clean it up and fix it, or pull it down I say. In the meantime it's the done thing to leave your mark up there, the higher and more prominent the better. Tagging is a bit like tom cats spraying. I'll leave to figure that one out ;-)

That's Bob the bike looking sleek and laid back in the foreground. One of these days I should take him for a long and involved photography session in the city.

It's time to give my eyes a break from screens.

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