A very cold day!
Only for a very short time I was in the garden.
To take some pictures of tiny things, flowers mainly. No only.
After three o"clock Piet Hein suggested we would walk to the Eisenbahnerheim, greet our friends the horses, give them the carrots that were left (not many) and come back before the rain would start again.
It was nice to go for a walk. Descending our hill, walk up another one.
At first we only saw Paule, and I gave him some carrots, I hesitated to give them all, perhaps Beauty would show up still.
Just when I had given the last carrot to Paule, there he came, slowly at first, then in galop towards us. No carrot for you today,  but we will come again.
It started to rain when we left there, but it was a slow rain and we did not bother, soon enough we would be warm and drinking our tea.

My haiku:

Could we only jump
From one hill to another
Like the giants did

And the proverb:

Her/his hobby runs away with her/him.

1834  Edgeworth,  Helen, xvii.

This is my contribution to the Tiny Tuesday challenge, thanks to JDO for hosting this sweet challenge,

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