Mr and Miss

This pair have been flirting all week up in the tree and other less beautiful places!

Has spring sprung?

Oh Mr Pigeon, What do you see
When you look down your beak at me?

Oh Miss Pigeon, You surely know.
I want to love you till you glow.

Oh Mr Pigeon, You awful bird!
How can you be just so absurd?

Oh Miss Pigeon, when i lift my tail,
You must know we cannot fail!

Oh Mr Pigeon, I'm just a maid.
I'm much too young, I must get paid!

Oh Miss Pigeon, You disappoint me!
I thought your love would be for free!

Oh Mr Pigeon, You silly bird,
Of course it's not free, you must have heard!

Oh Miss Pigeon, My heart is broke   (n)
You'll need to find a richer bloke!

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