Boys toys

My new spinning top arrived today. Quite useless of course, but it amuses me and right now, I need amusing. I'm involved in hiring people to replace those made redundant but as those made redundant will have left by this Friday and their replacements have in many cases not even been hired yet and even where they have, they often don't start until June, I'm also recruiting temporary staff to cover the gap. It is madness and TBH objectionable. If I previously had a low opinion of the senior management behind all of this, it's hit rock bottom in recent days. The fools recently conducted an employee satisfaction survey and published the results today after putting some spin on them of course. What is refreshing is to see the candid comments left by disgruntled employees. Some are very strong indeed and quite possibly coming from those made redundant.

How does my spinning top differ to senior management? My top stops spinning after 5 - 10 minutes!

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