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Warwick Blipmeet (Tuesday 26th April 2016)

After a rough night at my Stratford hostelry I was glad to check out and walk along the towpath outside to the Bancroft Basin in the centre of the town. I found a Baguette Barge that kindly made me something fresh for my breakfast even though they weren't officially open yet. I ate it there with the company of some gently quacking mallards, who were rewarded with some tidbits. I returned via Bridge Street and found my way easily back to the car.

The reason I hadn't made my way home after the cousin's gathering was so that I could attend the Warwick Blipmeet, which was convening at Caffé Nero, and I met up with a tablefull of Blippers who were ensconced upstairs, including organisers hildasrose and sdg92, who has linked to all the other blippers. The weather was kind as we toured the historic town and we all clicked away happily.

While the insane ones clambered up to the top of the tower in St Mary's church on a dodgy spiral staircase, I circled it from the ground and got some shots of it and the bluebell-clad churchyard all at ground level. Most of us ended up in the local Wetherspoons before continuing to Lord Leycester's Hospital. At this point I took my leave as, having had a canal-themed few days, I was keen to get to the Grand Union Canal a short drive away.

I approached the canal from the River Avon, where I enjoyed some very close up views of a heron (see Extras). The canal was reached by some steep steps up to a large aqueduct, and I then walked eastwards past several locks and under a number of bridges, and then back to the car and homeward.

When I got home I found my corner of town was undergoing a power cut and electricity was not restored until long after I had succombed to the Land of Nod.

So I had three distinct groups of picture-taking: Stratford-upon-Avon, the Blipmeet and the river/canal walk. All will be featured in albums that will be linked to below but the blip had to be from the Blipmeet, and I had multiple attempts at getting a satisfactory version of this view. This is the best I could manage at the time and so becomes my Blip.

28.4.2016 (1422 hr)

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Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Pentax HD P-DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED WR lens(IF) SDM lens

Blipmeet series

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