Life Skills

I don't know about you, but I've never thought about Jessops giving me advice for life...

I did fear for these two young chaps practising their balancing skills on a balustrade above the shop on a busy street in the centre of Birmingham today.

On a different note, I was going to blip my purchased in Cockermouth red shoes.  This would be to celebrate two very dear Blippers who hopefully have returned to their refurbished home in Cockermouth today with Chloe.  I hope it's been a good day to celebrate!  My red shoes were purchased with encouragement from said Blippers (well one of them, who happens to be a shoe enthusiast and introduced me to my now favourite shoe shop)  I've worn them all day today in solidarity!

Advice for life? What can they mean?
A big long lens?  Projector screen?

I like to think, they'd say to me,
"Just carry on Blipping for all to see
And hold your camera straight.
That way you'll please those Blippers keen
And comments will come your way
on aperture and shutter speed and ISO fast or slow,
to make your shots a little better 
And a last line escapes me so if you can think of one please let me know..."

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