The Tree And The Bugs Beneath It

I met Roy Jones at Panshanger Park. We walked and talked and then I started rolling around amongst the bluebells, intent on getting a macro shot of a white one and he took his leave. He had shown me pics of his artwork on his phone and I was quite taken with his twiggy, stylised trees. He mentioned that some of his paintings would be at the village art exhibition. I put the date in my diary.

I braved the village hall this morning and I love his painting The Tree in the flesh. I'm pleased for him that it has been sold. I snatched a shot, not really allowed. I decided to create a collage, as much to protect his copyright more than anything else, though I know that it is difficult to lift images from blipfoto. I went out searching for bugs, the colours of which would harmonise with his paintings.

The power of positive thinking has won through again. I was hoping for a sixteen spot 'manbird' but was fortunate to have found a twenty-two spot as well. I have never photographed one of these mildew eating ladybirds before.    

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