Big sproodle, Tiny sproodle

I very nearly couldn't be bothered to go to the beach this evening but Rosie started tearing up and down the house so we went. And it was bloody lively down there. We met a woman with a sproodle (there aren't that many of them about) who we met about 6 months ago. They were the same size then,, the other one is the same size still, Rosie apparently has just kept growing. We had a grand time. I was very pleased we went. Rosie is still tearing up and down the house mind.

Work was work, I went to a mock ofsted inspection. The chair and I did ever so well until they asked us about the children's actual performance. We were very good at everything else though.

In other news Operation Clear Table continues to be a happy success as does Planning and Preparing Proper Meals. Am a grown up at last.

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