By Bom

Blipmeet - Ely Cathedral

It was a glorious day today for a blipmeet at Ely Cathedral. There was a good turnout and we split into different groups once we'd made our way through a lovely park to the cathedral. The cathedral is magnificent and the main photo is of the Octogon (I broke my tripod yesterday, so this was taken by resting the camera on a chair).  The Octagon is 74 feet wide and has an internal height of 142 feet and was built following the collapse of the Norman central tower in 1322.

I'm on a strict elimination diet and couldn't join the others for a pub lunch, so Gracie G and I had a picnic by the river which was just lovely. Then we visited a huge antiques centre and went for a walk along the river and to the country park. 

The Extras are of the outside of the cathedral and of a bunny sitting in the sun in a field.

A great day, and many thanks to Valerie and Lisa for organising. And apologies for my lack of comments over the last few days, I'll catch up tomorrow!

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