Victoria Harbour

Here's Victoria Harbour looking nice and blue and a good weather day. Summer has definitely arrived in Hong Kong and humidity levels are insane. I'm not complaining. It does get a little slippery on the tiled walkways and that can be a little dangerous, so one treads with caution!

For those who've been to Hong Kong, you might be able to spot the blue Macau ferry leaving the harbour.

Got the house prepared for a ladies' church event here tomorrow. A visiting speaker is in Hong Kong and we have the privilege to hear from her, and everyone's coming to my house, I should be more accurate and say ... flat! Excited I am.

It's so pleasant on the waterfront at the moment, we're so blessed to live here. I never take it for granted. I was able to meet up with a friend for a quick drink and really enjoyed being there. The monsoon hasn't quite started yet, but it looks like it almost here.

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