Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Tiny Tuesday: Hippo

Some of you will know that in March, I bought the Lumix LX7 off a colleague who was leaving Dubai for good. It is so different to the Finepix cameras I have got used to (since 2002), I haven't really taken to it.  A few weeks ago, I watched a YouTube video on settings for this camera (I didn't get a manual), so I decided to give it another go...

So.. today... after I got home from work, and waited for our dinner date with ex-boss/long time friend Brian, I had a go using the very shallow DOF which was the main reason to buy the camera.

This is it... a miniature soapstone hippo bought in Global Village several visits ago. It isn't more than 5cm in height. I think the lens was 3cm away from the object, so the macro feature is quite outstanding.

Other than that... follow up on the the parking situation for our buildings... out of 153 flats, only 90 said yes in the time allocated. That almost doubles the cost of installing the barriers, and out of the 90 takers, if any drop out now because of the increase, then it will be even more expensive! :(

Oh well, I guess it just makes sense. And in other news, I picked up a 7Days newspaper from Costa downstairs, and on the front page, the big news is that Dubai Police are going to start charging for some services. The Ambulance service have already started charging for call-outs which has gone onto the insurance, which has resulted in higher insurance premiums.... I would love to know if police forces in other parts of the world charge for their services!

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