Thoughts of a Mummy

By Jaxndm

Baby boy...

My baby boy has been to the vets today to have the "snip" :(

He was taken in at 9.30 this morning and Auntie G brought him home earlier this evening. I've never seen him so somber. He really doesn't like the buster collar (the cone thing for us normal folk) and he's been crying tonight while I've been out at a Parish meeting.

We've had lots of cuddles and fuss without the buster collar, he tries to make out that he's moving round to get the best fuss and then quickly tries to get to his stitches (cheeky boy!).

So what with me walking like John Wayne and him having had the snip, we both look like a very sorry pair.

I had a lovely treat this lunchtime in the company of two good friends and a lovely little lady.

And now as I put my head down to sleep, my mind is a whirlpool of disbelief that I'll be waking up with a 9 year old in the house. Our baby girl will be 9!

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