RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Mexico City Airport View

We are spending the night in Mexico City while in route to St. Louis to visit our daughter. Instead of staying at a hotel that required a shuttle, I selected the Camino Real which is accessed via a sky bridge from Terminal 2. The convenience of having a hotel connected to the airport is amazing. We dropped out bags in the room then headed back to the airport for refreshments and to check out the procedures for the next day (because we now have our Residente Permanente cards, we were unsure of the actual departure system). Back to the room for passports, back to the terminal for a visit with immigration, back to the room for photos of the rain soaked runway (here), downstairs for dinner - we walked miles (18,000 steps according to my wife's Fitbit) - and were asleep early in preparation of tomorrow's early start.

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