A little fantail came to visit while I was gardening today. He flitted about as he looked for insects, moths and flies but today he had lost his voice. Normally calling in rhythmical twitters and squeaky chattering, making a penetrating 'cheet' as a contact call they can be quite noisey but this little one was very quiet perhaps he had laryngitis :))

Finally I managed a couple of hours in the garden with a break when the wind got up. My eyes are feeling a little scratchy so I'll be resting them tonight.

Daughter E chose this one tonight, a hard decision as she thought they were all so cute! Another in my extras. Also tonight's sunset, those clouds were fair moving and the wind was swirling, leaves flying in all directions - I came inside.

Warm with blustery wind at times, blue sky with flat white clouds above, a pleasant autumn day.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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