Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A new family of swans

On his morning run along the river Gavin noticed that our local pair of swans have had six cygnets. So after breakfast I went down to get some photos but the parents were being very protective and were keeping them on the far side of the river which is not accessible. Later this afternoon I went down again and this time they were feeding closer to where people can get to. After the rain earlier this week the river was flowing very quickly and I don't know how those little babies were not washed down stream! This is a photo of mum and her six babies and I have added an extra of one of the cute babies, and one of the entire family.

Gavin found out today, to his relief, that on his sea safety course they were not doing man overboard safety drills at sea, but at an indoor swimming pool at a leisure centre! He spent two hours in the water and I imagine if he was out at sea he would have got very, very cold.

I tried to watch the new much acclaimed drama on Sky Atlantic called Billions, and as much as I love Damien Lewis and think I could watch anything with him in it, I found I actually couldn't - I switched off after about 15 minutes as it was really not my cup of tea.

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