The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

A Little Spontaneous History

The weather was not half as bad as predicted on Saturday so Steve suggested we went to Uxbridge to get Five Guys for lunch (WIN!) and then afterwards we should go to Runnymede - site of the signing of the original draft of what became the Magna Carta and a generally beautiful spot.

Five Guys was awesome as ever - one of my favourite fast foods.

Runnymede was so pretty.  There is a Air Forces Memorial there which we stopped by first.  We both found this an incredibly poignant visit.  It was beautifully done and as we wandered around reading the many many names it was hard not to be moved.  These names are commemorating people who were never found, and returned to their loved ones.  In some cases there were cards and flowers with a picture of the person they were in memory of - bringing home the recent nature of WWII - it is still our modern history.

When you think about the wars all over the world that are still going on you realise that as a species we just never learn from the horrors that have gone before.

After this we spent some time in the meadow the Magna Carta was first signed in and again, some amazing pieces of writing and quotes to think about.  Pictured here is an art installation called "The Jurors".  Each of the 12 seats has a moment in history related to freedom or civil liberties etched on the front and back from Mandela's prison cell on Robben Island to "The Golden Rule" written in several languages.  The Golden Rule states that you should treat others as you wish to be treated - this concept is paraphrased across many religions/ cultures - must be something in it, no?

Anyways you can find more information HERE should you wish to take a look.

In the evening we didn't really get up to much other than watch Eurovision - I love this competition and it is amazing we have this tradition where countries of Europe come together and belt it out - long may it continue.

I also love the fact it is growing and Australia were invited again to participate - their entry was fantastic.

Sunday has been less productive for me - feeling a bit off so I think bed and a book so I can tackle the week with my full energy levels in tact.

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