Once A Pillar?

I expected it to be raining today, so was pleasantly surprised when I got up to find sunshine.  The boys were off at football training and I had a quiet morning.  Just as they came back I was heading out to the bank with my PTA money.  I always feel a bit odd walking down with so much money in my bag  - but then I am the only person who knows it is in my bag. 

We ended up at Paxton House this afternoon.  We have never been before, but had recently read about it.  We went to buy tickets for the grounds only, and ended up with annual passes (for the grounds only), so we will go back.  We had a lovely wander through the grounds.  BB had the adventure playground to himself and we just made it back to the café before it closed.  I even managed to buy a couple of plants (not the candelabra primulas in the extra unfortunately).

I took lots of photographs this afternoon, but I like this pile of masonry – I think must have adorned a pillar, which was lying in pieces. Will it ever be rebuilt?

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