Not Palm Sunday!

We live in a cool climate zone in southern Australia, so I admit to be irritated when people insist on growing palm trees in their overly landscaped gardens - usually not very successfully. Palms to me seem so foreign and tropical, which leaves me constantly dismissive of them.
However, over the past weeks I have continually walked past this enormous, rather neglected palm growing adjacent to a shopping precinct close to our home. Yesterday, I stopped to scrutinise it and was really taken with the enormity of the leaves and the strong evidence that nature does symmetry and beauty far better than we realise.  So today I went back, secateurs in hand, intending to bring home a leaf to photograph. Well, I soon realised just how enormous these leaves were so decided to pick some features on individual leaves to create my Blip. My extra was taken when I crawled under the tree and found a mass of intact, but spent leaves, still beautiful in their own way. I'm glad I had a closer look, but I don't like them here in Victoria any better than before.

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