Just in case you didn't realise.

T is for Tickets.

My Olympic Athletics Tickets - to be precise.

Continuing the Alpha(Bet) males - The life in my men in my life July challenge.

I got my Olympic Tickets out today, just to check the details and to plan my travel to the Olympic park.
I was jolly disappointed to read the initial statement in the Official Spectator Guide - because I thought I'd paid to watch this.

The website for travel is certainly more in the twits league. I took 30 minutes io apply only to discover I'd actually booked a parking place for a coach at the stadium 'park and walk', costing £100 for the day, rather than a seat on one, guess I'll have to go and buy that coach now.

My brother, my cousin and I each applied for numerous Olympic tickets for 20 different events with a predicted spend of over £7,000 between us. We each received 1 lot of tickets in the initial ticket lottery, they are all for the athletics on the 4th August - 2 for the matinee performance and 1 for the evening. What are the chances of that?

T is also for Tim.

Tim was a middle distance runner he had a beautiful body, a lovely mind and the best legs I've ever seen, sadly at the time I met him he was competing at a high level and not prepared to enter into a relationship - or perhaps he just wanted to run off into the sunset!!

I wonder if he's gone to seed with a beer gut now.

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