An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Pimms on the Patio...


My weekend of socialising wasn't quite up :-))

Friends Alan and Gail arrived at midday and we headed over to the golf club for lunch.   Gail and I sat in the clubhouse after lunch to watch Alan and David take their first shots, then we headed back to the house and as the weather was glorious, made a beeline to the Gin Palace with a jug of Pimms and some nibbles.  Gail had also brought some glossy mags for us to read, but, and you may be surprised to hear this, we spent so long chatting we didn't get near the mags.

The guys returned from a good day's golf (well Alan played well :-)) and we had an impromptu dinner of salad, meats, cheeses and olives.  

A lovely relaxed day rounding off the weekend perfectly :-))

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