Abstract Thursday: "Abstract" Calendar

I know this doesn't fit the theme kindly chosen by our excellent host youoregon1 for today's Abstract Thursday challenge (sorry - I'm quite happy to be disqualified this week!), but I couldn't resist blipping it.

After the magnificent concert by "The Boss" in Manchester yesterday evening, I stayed in a central Manchester hotel overnight to save fighting with hundreds of other fans for a place on a late train back to my Mum-in-Law's house in Macclesfield.

This rather fascinating calendar was on the wall of the hotel bathroom and it appealed to me. Unless you look closely, without the little black magnetic frame it looks like just a random pattern. However when you place the frame in the correct place it shows up the date - today it shows "26" of course.

Maybe you other blipper folk have seen this sort of thing before but it was new to me anyway so I thought I'd share it ;-)

(We're now safely back home in Newcastle after a really excellent fortnight's holiday.)

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