The second half of life..

By twigs


It rained hard over night..........really hard.  It's rained off and on most of the day.  With a cold that is just beginning to come out today after 36 hours of sore throat I figured it best I had an indoors-by-the-fire day.  

The house has felt so empty today.  At the usual tea time I even found myself standing on the back door step about to call to Pudz in.  LB is behaving oddly.  He stayed in last night and requested to be let out around 4.00am!  I never saw him again until early evening - after dark.  Even when he did show up he seemed spooked about coming indoors.  It was as though he sensed death in the house.........or at least, sensed that some 'spirit' had left the house.  He acted like this last night too.  Once he's indoors he still seems spooked and makes a bolt for the back door if I so much as move near him.  It takes a bit of sneakiness to close the door to keep the cold out and him in, but once in he begins to settle  a bit more.  I'm certain he's missing the companionship of his 2 brothers.  Whilst human company is all fine and good (food and cuddles!) it's the absence of feline companionship they've shared for over 10 years that I'm sure is affecting him.

Yes - a draining day.

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