Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

The wild horses of the Camargue

What an exciting day - up at 5.30am to meet the gardians and the horses. It was thrilling to see these beautiful animals running through the water towards us. We had a good 3 hours with the horses, the only mishap was that I was not aware that the muddy marshes were like concrete and so I got stuck! As another photographer was helping to pull me out, I fell into the muddy water! My camera and long lens got pretty muddy but they are robust and were fine, they just needed a good clean when I got back. I have so many photos I have not even looked at them yet, this is one of about 5 that I have edited.

We had a very intensive 3 hour camera workshop where we learned all the technical things we need to know about our cameras (mainly all Nikons) and how to photograph wildlife and moving subjects. It was excellent. I must say I have been very impressed with this photo tour so far - there are 8 of us with 2 leaders, so very close instruction if you want it. I have learnt so much in one day and it shows as nearly every one of my action photos with the horses were in focus.

Then we spent the afternoon at the bird park, where we saw so many flamingoes, herons, egrets and had much experience photographing birds. 

Now off to photograph the horses again so I must dash - it has been very busy but very enjoyable.

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