Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A surprise visitor

Just before I went to bed last night I got a phone call from Luke to say he has only one more exam left which is on Tuesday and he really feels like coming home for a break. So this morning he got the train back home - the train was delayed by an hour and he stood all the way from Durham to London! Bad service but I suppose not as bad as it was for the passengers affected by the BA computer glitch over the weekend when all flights were cancelled.

It is lovely to see him again, he just felt like a bit of a rest as he has been studying for 10 hours per day during exams and is feeling tired. It is also lovely for Thomas to see his brother and not just have boring Gavin and I for company over the half term break! Luke goes back tomorrow, so it is a very short visit but worth it.

As I was dashing out the house yesterday I grabbed a light jacket off the coat rack, and a few minutes later I felt an incredible stinging pain in my inner wrist. It seems I have been stung by something, I suspect a wasp, and I have three bites which today are incredibly itchy and have caused my wrist to swell up. Its rather annoying! I presume the wasp was amongst the coats on the rack.

Off to make supper now, those boys are hungry!

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