Victoria Harbour

Gorgeous day today, weather-wise, but stressful, weird in other ways!!!

Martin's first official day of unemployment. He was a little anxious, agitated, annoying!!! He kinda has taken over MY office space and rearranged the office area, got rid of stuff, to make space for his things ... which I'm okay with, but it wasn't pleasant! Needless to say, I've warned him to be nice and not annoying, otherwise he'll have to go somewhere else during the day.

We took Ben into town to have a suit made for his formal on 8th June. His graduation ceremony is this Wednesday and then the formal next week. We tried to accomplish a few more things in town, some worked out some didn't. The biggest thing is that Martin now has his own laptop, yay, that'll keep him busy for a while.

Felt a bit like a tourist when we rode on the Star Ferry across the harbour. Such a glorious day, and always a treat to be on this great standard of Hong Kong.

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