By SweetArt

Spoilt for choice

I've had another day of being spoilt for choice as to which image to blip. Lots of photo ops on a clear gloriously sunny day.

I was able to accompany friend Bonnie (see extra pls) to the hospital for her daily dressing change. As you can see, there's screws and plates, etc in her index finger! It was a pretty nasty injury. But thank God it wasn't worse. She is in good spirits and still recovering from the trauma of what happened.

I then went to TST, Kowloon to meet up with Ben for the fitting of his suit. Looking good already. He was pleased. Then a bit more necessary shopping for him.

Back to DB to a wonderfully delicious steak and ale stew prepared by the man!!! I guess he's redeemed himself from yesterday :-/. He's got much accomplished today, so good for him.

Tomorrow, graduation day of my youngest!!! OMG!

PS..... Flame trees are in full bloom in Hong Kong and I was looking forward to seeing how the ones at Sunny Bay station were doing!! Here it is!!!
PPS... Wow! End of May already.

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