Beach Girls

We've had a fabulous day today. And we crammed a lot in!!
The Little Misses were up bright and early. Playing with zips and rummaging through bags for food!
They do have their uses though - going to fetch water so Mr K could make me a cup of tea!
The sun was shining and we had lots of toast and marmite, holiday cereal and tea. The Little Misses played badminton, frisby, and velcro-ball. Brilliant!!
After breakfast we set off on an amazing walk down the lanes and fields around the camp site. Fifteen foot hedgerows crammed with flowers and ferns, sheep, dandelion clocks, amazing views, giant beetles, magpies, gates to swing on. It was magical!
Then we headed to Mr K's dad's house. It's been far too long since we were down!
Mr K's aunt Mrs I was there too and his cousin Mr I and his wife Mrs G. It was lovely for the Little Misses to see more of their family. We see such a lot of my side of the family and not enough of Mr K's.
We had a nice time chatting before heading off for some lunch. The Little Misses were desperate to get to the beach but managed to contain themselves for long enough to eat delicious ham, egg and chips and giant ice-creams!
We headed to East Portlemouth beach and had a fabulous afternoon. It's such a fantastic beach - the sand shelves gradually for miles so it's shallow and warm and safe and brilliant!
The picture I took last time we were there is one of my favourites of Miss E.
The Little Misses loved splashing about with their body boards and then constructing a magnificent Sand Systom involving digging moats, trenches, dredging troughs and filtering sand. It was quite a feat of engineering!
We were the last to leave the beach and headed back to the campsite for a proper camping dinner of hot dogs and beans for the Little Misses and curry and rice for me and Mr K.
We had planned to have bananas and custard for pudding but stupid Ambrosia make their stupid tins without the ring pull thing so you need a tin opener which we don't have. Grrrrrrr!!!
Mr K headed back to see Mr A and after the Little Misses had run around the field for an hour or so I zipped them into the tent and sat and watched the sun go down.
What a fantastic day! See extras for a bit more of it!

Backblipped our journey down yesterday here

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