In the whispering voice of David Attenborough……..

Today we have come to watch blippers in their natural habitat, a blipmeet. These gatherings take many forms, but today is a fairly typical one at Woburn Abbey (see main photo); stately homes being a favoured meeting point. Whilst they may rise early, blippers do not gather together until mid-morning. They meet to share their hobby of taking photos of landscapes, flowers, birds and, of course, each other - see

In reality, blippers actually prefer to spend most of the day sitting in the sun, eating, drinking and chatting, and today they were seen to visit the café on three separate occasions. Blippers are generally not aggressive creatures, although there is occasional jostling for position for a good photo opportunity and some signs of lens envy. 

In the Extra you can see a ‘bewilderment of blippers’, gathered together at a high point in the landscape to survey the area.  The photo shows behaviour typical of the species, horizon scanning, pointing, checking lens settings and yet more chatting. There is an organiser for each blipmeet, todays being ably arranged by Nicoiseannie. Blippers are very happy creatures and can be seen in places across the World, so anyone can observe a blipmeet in progress, and maybe even join in!

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