A model supervisor

My PhD students are at a summer school this week. I have been 'watching' them at a distance over Twitter today. Imagine my surprise to learn that they were asked after lunch to create 3D models to represent their relationship with their supervisor.

This is a photograph that Iris took of her response to this task. She tweeted it this afternoon and later gave me permission to use it as my blip for today. I think it's very sweet.

While the students were engaged in this (and all manner of other exciting activities in class) I continued to work my way through my unending list of things to do.

Mr hazelh has had a better day today after a night to himself in our bed. He still has remnants of his cold, but is much more cheerful this evening and seems to be getting better now. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes for his quick recovery. They worked!

Exercise today: full morning running routine completed solo.

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