A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

What's good for the goose ..

is a gaggle of goslings.

Our usual morning walk in the St Ives estate was calm quiet and rather dull. Most of the ducks and geese seemed to still be asleep. We did have two almost fully grown coots feeding themselves at the feeding station but the rest of my morning shots were a bit like the weather, dull.

As the iris are now in flower, I decided to go back to the pond on my way to Bingley as the sun was now shining and I thought an iris shot would fit my blip bill. Amazing how much busier it was up there just an hour after we left.

Finding an appropriate iris in the sun I noticed that there were lots of Canada geese. A group of them seemed to think we might have food and came towards us. I was delighted to see two pairs of parents with there young. One set of five, one out of shot here, and another, slightly younger, of six. Amazingly these are the first I've seen on Cooice Pond this year. They obviously keep there young safely on the island for much of the time. I'm not really terribly keen on the Canada Geese now as we have so many but they are obviously good parents and it seemed that they should be my blip for today.

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